Elac Discovery clarification DS-S101-G

Can someone help me understand better how the Roon Essentials work? Elac is useless explaining it.

So, who and how do you upgrade the Essentials? Manually? Automatically done by Elac?

Will the Elac unit be able to receive 1.7 update?

I understand it has less features but I don’t care about DSD and I only use Tidal streaming. Don’t have any other music whatsoever.

Will I be able to upgrade to full Roon if I pay $99 like Chris Walker said?

I don’t think you can upgrade essentials, but I don’t know who Chris walker is.
Support is done by ELAC not roon.
No idea about updates.

Chris Walker works for Elac. This guy:

I can tell you that the full version of Roon works with the Discovery. However not sure if Essentials will be getting the 1.7 update.

IMO, this Roon Essentials thing should have been explained better in the beginning.

It is confusing to most people. If Roon Essentials is half ass Roon which is OK. Then why wouldn’t Elac have half ass 1.7 version?