ELAC Discovery DS S101-G as an endpoint?

Hi all…

The red-headed stepchild ELAC music server is described on its’ website as a Roon endpoint. But is that accurate? And how would that work. given that it boots up to Roon Essentials?

(I know that I would need a Core, plus a subscription to Roon, and that none of my database nor playlists/tags would transfer over.) And I assume that since my Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet works just fine as a controller for Essentials, I assume it should be OK with the full version of Roon. Correct?


The Discovery can be used as an end point with Roon, in fact, you can use each of the outputs as stand-alone end points.

@Mark_Hyland - Do you know if the coax out can be used as an endpoint?

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Yes it will work as endpoint. So do analog 1 and 2

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As @KMM says, yes you can.