ELAC Discovery Z3

Received the ELAC Discovery E3 speaker which Roon immediately recognized as a(n endpoint) Zone and allowed us to have it join (combine with) the Auralic G2 zone. It is perfect for one of my wife’s work areas.

That said, the iOS app is well known to be very poor quality. This is only an issue because the main screen says Speaker Update Available go to the About page.

However, on the About page, there is no “button” to start an update. Elac tech support confirms that this is not the current firmware but has no explanation as to why the update does not show on the About page (which has nothing other than a graphic of the speaker itself).

If anyone has experience with this situation, your input would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Elac states (correctly) that you can use the speaker’s IP address to bring up and menu and do the updates in that area. That works. In our case, it took two updates to reach the latest even though the speaker was purchased from Elac two weeks ago. Hope that helps somebody.

Here’s an interesting (to me) situation. Everything works as intended, but when I go to the Discovery E3 via its IP address, I receive a banner that says “system error.”