ELAC DS-S101-G with NAS. Advice Required

I have checked out some of the recommended NAS setups for ROON (on the QNAP website), however in my case ROON Core is actually stored inside the DS-S101-G DAC, so I am wondering should I still get something like a QNAP TVS 672N https://www.qnap.com/en-us/product/tvs-672n or should I just get the cheapest one they sell.
It doesn’t need to run the ROON core just store the media.
I don’t have a huge a library maybe 300GB of audio files, a single 1 TB SSD is probably more than adequate, but I am inexperienced in what I may or may not need.
This will be the first time using a NAS drive so I might use it for other media possibly movies in the future etc or who knows what else, I have no idea how much I might use this.
Should I be buying for unforeseen possible future needs (What might they be?), or just what I need now.

I don’t mind spending more if it provides real benefits.
If you guys can help with this I would be very grateful.

I have the same Elac - I run Small Green Computer - to rip and store - if you already have music to transfer - the Roon software allows you to add the NAS
The Elac has a fair in built DAC - and unless you intend to run in a higher tier system a DAC upgrade is not probably necessary

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Thanks for the response.
I am thinking of getting a QNAP TR-004 to try. If it doesn’t work out the way I expect it will still be highly valuable for other uses.
Yeah I love the DS-S101-G, it is such a great product, I’m surprised they no longer make it.

I will report back with news about the TR-004 when I get it.