Elac Kitchen zone - Edit +

Finally got the ok from my wife to add a speaker setup in the kitchen. I’m sure the ok had a lot to do with the upcoming holiday season, lots of time in the kitchen, and company coming.

Decided on the roon ready Elac Discovery Z3. Needed something compact to fit on a high shelve above the fridge with front volume control (for when the IPAD is used for other things). Placement is not the best but it is up and out of the way. Wireless setup was easy except it didn’t connect on the 5g band on the router. Works fine with the 2g band.

I was disappointed at first, the sound at low volume was a little anemic, highs seemed thin and the low end was weak. Again this was low volume background music while cooking and talking. Added DSP filters to remove 2 DB above 80hz and add 2 db below 80hz. That worked to get the fuller low volume sound I wanted. So another praise for Roon and their fantastic product.

Anyone else have the Z3 with suggestions on setup?

After the 1.7 upgrade, and checking things out, I noticed the settings/audio entry for the Z3 had a warning of uncertified. Think I recall seeing that when it was first added but didn’t go back to review. There was an option for configuration or something along those lines. I looked at that and found an option for a firmware update. Updated the Z3 firmware and after a few glitches it was up and working again. It sounds fine now without the DSP filters. The firmware update or the 1.7 upgrade seems to have corrected the anemic sound at low volume.