Elac not connecting

Hi, I have a wireless elac speaker. It was connecting to my wifi fine until I changed the modem. Now it can’t see the modem / wifi connection. It works fine when plugged in by Ethernet. How do I get the elac speaker to see the wifi? Roon is playing using my other elac amplifier, to my focal speakers. So one of two sets of speakers are working.

Have you gone into the Elac wireless setup procedure?

Yes, but it does not see my wireless connection. Other modems come up, but not mine.

Which ELAC speaker do you have?

Does your new model / router wifi have 2.4 and 5ghz?

Yes the modem is compatible. It works when plugged in via ethernet. I have two elac devices. One is the independent music streaming device. The other is the single small speaker with built in wifi. Thanks