Elac Z3's and Google WiFi

I just sold about half of my Sonos gear to one guy on Craigslist. I’d like to use my bankroll to purchase some nice Roon Ready speakers. Reading a lot of posts I’m turned off on Bluesound. Was thinking about some Elac Z3’s. Can anyone confirm first hand these speakers don’t have issue with mesh WiFi systems like Google WiFi? Don’t want to trade one problem for another :slight_smile:

Maybe you should list the rest of your system so people can give you good advice.

I have the Z3 and a Netgear Orbi mesh network. Works great.

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Thank you! That’s what I wanted to know.

My pleasure. Btw, the z3 sounds very good for what it is. Lots of power and bass. But the Elac iPhone app is quite flaky. But, once you have the speaker setup and connected to Roon you don’t need the app anyway.

The new Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex (as well as the other products in the Formation line) seem intriguing…

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Great to know. I ordered an Elac Z3 second hand, it should be here tomorrow. I intend to use it mainly in the kitchen. But when I move it to a different room, and I unplug it from power, do I have to reset everything anew? Or does the speaker remember the wireless network etc?

It remembers

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@Riviera_Bluesman - The Flex does look interesting. I wish I could compare it to the Z3 side by side. They are about the same price.

I hope I remember where I put it as well…

Pretty slick machine, and impressive sound from such a small speaker.
Just listening to Thom Yorke‘s Drunkk machine, and the bass is great.

@Coltrane Are you referring to the Z3 or BW Flex?

The Z3. I like it

Nice! Congrats on your new purchase.

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After several day of use I would like to revisit my initial statement. The Z3 has great bass and is nice for pop, rock and hip hop, not so nice for instrumental music. I made the mistake to compare it to my main system… of course the speaker is less resolved and mich smaller. But nice for the kitchen.
One thing that bugs me though is that it does not have a power switch. It is always on and connected. And there is a hissing noise. When it is quiet in the house I can hear it from 2m away. So I unplug it any time I don’t use it, which is stupid.
Gosh, just put a power switch on these devices!

Maybe you could add an inline switch on the power cord.

Or better yet… get a “smart plug” and then you could just tell Siri or Alexa or Google to “turn on the Z3” when you want to use it!


Man, buzzing is a deal killer for me. I never heard a peep or buzz from my Sonos gear.

Yes it is. But I now just use a power chord with a power switch it is fine. And it is noise in the kitchen anyway

Based upon your review, I bought the Elac this evening and shall use a remote switch. The unit is ideal for the kitchen.