Electronic Noise On 5.1 Files Thru HDMI of Nucleus

I set up a 5.1 playlist. Yesterday I heard electronic noise, with traces of the music, during playback of many of the files. When I switched to 2.0 zone with channel mapping, the files played correctly.

Anybody here heard this problem?

Hello @Mike_Rife,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. I have a few follow up questions:

  • Can you please let me know what endpoint you’re outputting to via HDMI?
  • Does this reliably occur with the specific media? Can you please send it to us if so? I will PM you instructions on how to upload the files for analysis.
  • Do you have any DSP settings turned on? If you disable any DSP settings, does the issue still occur?
  • How is your Roon Settings -> Audio -> Device Setup for that zone configured? Can you please post a few screenshots? The Device Setup tab looks something like this:

Please let me know the above information when possible.