Eliminate iTunes [mp3] and FLAC library overlap?

So I’ve had an iTunes library for many years with high bitrate mp3s. A few years back I got religion and started ripping consistently to flac and storing on my TS451+. In most cases I also ripped to iTunes so I would have a copy in that library. This before I realized that Google graciously and without warning converted all my flac Google music uploads to mp3 thus making my flac library available on Apple devices.

I’ve successfully imported my flac library to roon. Is there a way to only import those files / albums in iTunes that aren’t already in the library?

I recognize this is not easy, so if it can’t be done, so be it. Post import curation would also be OK.

Roon can hide duplicate albums. I think this is the default. Maybe you unchecked that setting.

Roon -> Settings -> General -> Show Hidden Tracks and Albums (set this to “No”)

My experience has been that the highest quality version is displayed.

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Thats it - thanks!

If you want to continue to maintain iTunes and Roon libraries simultaneously, as I do, I would be tempted to convert all the FLACs to Apple Lossless (ALAC). That way you can have one library that you can manage and be compatible with both iTunes and Roon. Just a thought…

Good point - for me though, iTunes is pretty much legacy as I rarely add new music. Appreciate the suggestion.

it actually does not work for me…
Set to “no”.
I can see the album twice
One MP3, one CD
One AAC, one CD etc.