Eliminate LOCAL / STREAMING redundancies or inconsistencies

  1. Most of the time, some albums will be displayed twice : “In my Library” AND in “Recommended albums". If I have the titles on my hard disk, I don’t need Valence to recommend them to me, I’d rather discover albums I don’t own (see a typical example below with Simon & Garfunkel). At least, please add an option to hide owned albums in “Recommended albums”.

  1. Besides, the Discography tab will annoyingly show the streaming versions instead of the local versions for a lot of albums. Some folder have both local and Qobuz icons, that’s great! But a considerable amount of albums is not detected locally. If I have the album on my hard drive, that’s the version I’d like Roon to display. At least, I’d like to have an option to achieve that.

Thanks for taking that into consideration.
Best regards


To those two types of redundancies, I would add a third one, the choices made by the Roon radio. If I understand it’s functionality correctly, it either chooses from all albums in one’s library (local AND streaming) OR it picks titles from the local library ONLY (done by ticking a playlist option).

The problem occurs when the default option is enabled (local + streaming): if one owns a local version of a certain material (song, composition…), the radio will nonetheless play the streaming version, not the local version.

To those who possess local collections, that is problematic for several reasons. (For example, one may want to rediscover its own music, or tag it, or add it to playlists while listening…)

So I believe that what people with local albums would certainly appreciate is a Radio that first scans for certain titles locally and, IF NOT available, plays the streaming versions instead (not the other way around).

One of the GREAT strengths of Roon is its ability to merge local and streaming materials. But it seems to me that its superb features (dicographie, recommanded, Radio…) aren’t complete unless one can choose to prioritize its own local music collection.

So, let’s sum up. I see, for now, three types of redundancies (or local/streaming merging inconsistencies) :

  • Local - in library - albums / Recommended streaming albums
  • Discography tab showing the streaming versions instead of the local versions for a lot of locally owned albums.
  • Roon radio playing the streaming version of a song even though one possesses it locally.

Thanks again for reading!