Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

On all versions either Track 16 (or Disc 2 Track 8) is listed as “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting - Performed by Fall Out Boy”!!

This should just be “Social Disease”


It looks like we have editions of this album with two different track layouts in the database, and yours was identified incorrectly.

You can fix it now by clicking the edit pencil on the album screen, clicking “Identify Album”, picking “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” (probably the one that says ‘this is the metadata being used…’ under it), then using the left/right arrows under the cover artwork to choose the edition that has the right track listing.

There are options in there with “Social Disease” at Track 16.

@jeremiah, it makes me slightly uncomfortable that we’re picking the wrong one. Anything we can do to investigate further?

I did find a couple of versions that had ‘Social Disease’ as Track 16, but the 4 bonus tracks 18-21 are not correct.

If you look at the versions with ‘Saturday Night…’ as Track 16, you will also see ‘Saturday Night…’ as track 14 (which is were it is on the actual album. I don’t think any version of this album has the same track at 14 and 16.

I ended up taking the “track data” as that was most accurate currently.


The “top” edition for this album appears to be the right one, but identifier must have made an edition-specific choice here that went wrong. I bet there’s some factor about the media that makes it unique from all of our editions.

@krjtx, I’m going to send you a message to request a bit more info about your media.