Email Notifications From Roon

Thanks. Weird never got the email. Saw a bunch of people complaining about it on the Audiogon forums.

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I don’t know of anyone that received an email. Having to search the Roon Community for this information is unacceptable. Why doesn’t Roon make use of email on such an important topic? This is absurd.

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No, I’ve seen posters reference the e-mail they’ve gotten.

So, some people got one, but not others…

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Me neither. Perhaps it only went to people who are using the effected systems?

They can’t possible know that, or rather, they’d better not know that.


Of course they know that.

I didn’t receive an email either. I accidentally stumbled across the announcement in this forum. :frowning:

You’re just angry. How do they know that?

@Stephen_Seay, you were right.

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LOL! Passionate not angry or ignorant.

Don’t get carried away. :smirk: