Embarrassing Moments

Like all tinkerers / tweakers I can never leave my setup alone. Even though a voice says “it’s fine, leave it alone” I cannot help myself. When it does not work as a result - first I beat myself up, oh and the Roon !

So here they are :

Typical - all the end points have disappeared. I hate Roon - why couldn’t I just leave it alone ??? Etc etc - DAC is USB connected but I had the optical input selected. That one was 2 hours but…

The worse one - tinkered and absolutely no sound as a result. Hours of troubleshooting ensues. My SO says “perhaps you just need to turn the volume up” After a major tirade of abuse " you don’t know what you are talking about" I sheepishly turned up the amp volume and wanted to die…

Tell me I am not the only one ??


You are not alone!

I spent a few hours today moving some subs around and taking REW measurements. At the end of the day the subs are basically back where they started. At least I could skip the gym :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had plenty of apply palm to forehead moments but I’ll keep most of them to myself. Glad you got it sorted.

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The sub crawl - why do we do it ???

Us who like to tinker, or improve our systems as we tell our SO often end up in these situations.

My wife says to me, I thought you were improving your system and now it’s broken :joy:

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But you now know you got it right the first time :+1:

This thread ain’t big enough for all the palm slapping forehead moments I have suffered ( mostly self created) over my Audiophool journey.
It’s a labor of love :joy:

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The one that gets me the most is when I turn off the WiFi on my phone to troubleshoot slow loading internet and just use data…and forget to turn it back on again. Then after three reboots of the core, I realize why I can’t connect and turn WiFi back one. Amazingly, all is well after that.


And there I thought it was just me… I feel sooo much better now.

Happened too me when I moved a Nucleus where it was being used as core and endpoint (as recommended in this forum) to a place closer to the router/network switch to function solely as core. Couldn’t get the thing to work- multi component screwup: Ethernet cord incorrectly built first, then God knows what. A couple of resets later all was well- until Roon 2.0. Then that got sorted out. I often note that the greatest enemy of good is better- because I often just can’t help the lure of better.