Embarrassing Search Capability

You might have to send Allmusic a email. I too had problems with Roon’s TIDAL integration [Artist cover art] I was told its Allmusics fault so reach out to them to fix it. This thread might get buried in Metadata purgatory with mine.

Thanks Brian, I am really looking forward to improved search and I understand many of the challenges you’ve laid out here and the journey you’d had to embark on. Congrats on these major fundamental changes you have made to your infrastructure.

I would be interested to know if your ML/DW solutions will then require search based requests to use your remote APIs or will search still work locally without an Internet connection? Or can it at least fall back to the crummy lucene based search if the Internet connection goes offline? Packaging a version of elastic search as part of a Roon install is probably never going to fly given the relatively low spec hardware most people run Roon Core on :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m not interested in debating theories about how bad the product might be…it just doesn’t ever work out well. If you don’t like it after it is released, bring us feedback.

Yes, there’s a fallback.

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Neither am I. I’m more interested in trying out the changes. After all, there’s more than one way to skin a cat (now my cats are giving me the stink eye).

I don’t care how exactly Roon will retrieve search results, I only care that Roon does retrieve exact search results. Whether this is by way of a context aware model or by way of a crystal ball is irrelevant.

However, I do hope you will take my plea for accuracy in a future search functionality into account. Or maybe you already have.


@brian Thanks for the detailed response. I can appreciate bigger user-facing releases take time and shouldn’t be expected to always follow the same release cadence of backend services. I look forward to 2019 and another great year of Roon (old and new)!!

Cheers! :beers:

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After 1.6 is search really better? You still need to type track names near perfect to find them. I’m still going to YouTube and google to find friends music they want to hear.

@support keep the search improvements on the enhancement list.

They are so much better. I mean really…

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Search The Border and let me know if you find the song by America.
Not for me. It didn’t even give me what I asked for.

If you spell it correctly and know the artist as well it will return.

I didn’t say it was perfect i was reacting to “is search really better?” When i put in The Border it showed me the album of that name i use more by Ry Cooder rather than the eagles - that’s definitely better for me.
Fuzzy search isn’t very good yet and i get your point about The America track being not there. But, if i were using any search engine and knew more details to narrow the search down i add them as a matter of course. If you add America…
As i said not perfect, but for me, much better. No longer what the title of the thread says.

Actually, four versions are shown in the track list; but there’s a long list of tracks that contain the words “the border”, so filtering on America certainly helps…

I see it further down but in my head if i am looking for The Border then tracks that actually have that string in them should be higher up the list not tracks that are popular and just have the word Border in them. I think that is a bit broken TBH.

Yeah, the ranking of results could indeed be better…

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While not the last word in search capabilities, I want to show you the difference in experience from 1.5 to 1.6.

You may remember my example search for Castle on the Hill. This was the v1.5 result:


I went on to say that the “original” Castle was 50th on the list.

Okay, here’s 1.6:

Oh, er, that’s not the good stuff. Next slide. Quickly please!

Boom! The “correct” one it right where it should be.

We can and will argue all day long about the UI of this particular page (it suffers when the search isn’t for people IMO)

But the algorithm has improved. Way to go.


BTW I meant to say good cover with the “my granddaughter was searching” :joy:

SNL passed up by in the UK.

Well since you were the primary audience, it comes down!


I really like the new search, but the result list would be smaller and thus clearer, if the track appeares only once per artist and the different versions/albums are on a second level.
I would prefer something like this:

I agree with you @Frank_Klaeren. I think Roon missed a bet by not performing a triage first. Say you entered “Blue Skies Over Beethoven” or something similarly obtuse. Rather than give a “top result”, it would give: a top artist guess, a top song guess, maybe a top album guess, etc. Then user selects the appropriate category.

What would then follow is just such a concise presentation as you want.

I always thought the TIDAL search was particularly well done, and follows this model.

I think your complaint is unreasonable … search “border” or “the border” and the result is in the All Track Search Results. Search “border america” or “the border america” and it’s the Top Result.

I’ve thrown lots of search queries at Roon at I think it is doing a very good job, especially when most of the queries were for tracks and albums outside my library. Search is significantly better than in 1.5 and that should be acknowledged.