Embed a Pause in the Queue


I don’t know if I am the only one, but a feature I would find useful is being able get the queue to pause after the last track on an album or even at the end of a track of my choosing.

Anyone else?

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Pause at the end of current track
Pause after current
(Tony) #2

I don’t really create playlists as such (apart from using the curated ones on Tidal) but I am curious to know why you would want this feature and how long would you want the pause to be?

Pauses between songs would just remind me of when I started using Roon and was having ‘transport’ issues with Sonos endpoints, so to me indicates a problem somewhere.



I should have said “queue” and not “playlist”. I will edit the thread title and my post to reflect that.

I play full albums most of the time. I often like to take a break when one albums finishes before the next one starts. It would be nice to have Roon stop playing automagically. Either at the end of an album or where I insert a pause in the queue.

(Tony) #4

As a workaround you can include a silent mp3 in the queue. Finding or making one won’t be too difficult.

EDIT: one here: http://www.wavecor.co.uk/TestDisc/Track73.flac

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(John B) #6

This is an interesting idea. I have seen a request here for a “stop at the end of this track” to be included in the play options which I would quite like the idea of myself.

The function of a stop or pause command that could be added to the queue would be an elegant way of achieving this.



That’s not a workaround. I am not looking for silence…I am looking for the queue to stop itself but not clear itself. A silent track does not do that.

Edit: Yes, silence would be a reminder to stop and do whatever it is you wanted to do. But, it’s not at all elegant.


Thanks. I don’t know how many times I have queued up a bunch of songs or albums but wanted to stop at a certain point to do something yet been so involved in the music that I blew right past the place I wanted to stop. Yes, the easy answer is to only queue up to a time you want to stop. But, I often figure out I want to stop at a certain point after I create the queue.

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(Jan Koudijs) #9

You got me thinking.

Imagine you have an artist in your local library named Queue Bot who has an album named Queue Actions with a first track named Pause (screenshot 1). You add the Pause track to the queue and move it to the position where you want the pause to happen (screenshot 2). When the Pause track starts playing, music is paused and a skip to the next track is performed. When play is pressed playback continuous at the track after the pause.

The system work via a Queue Bot extension that is running in the background and that monitors all zones for the start of a Queue Bot track. If such a track is found it performs the action that is contained in the track title.

To have quick access to the Queue Actions you can create a bookmark to the tracks performed by Action Bot (screenshot 3).

The Queue Actions album can have multiple tracks to have multiple actions, e.g. an Internet Radio track to start an internet radio stream from the queue.

I already created an album with 2 tracks of 2 seconds silence to provide the screenshots. The extension doesn’t exist yet but that can surely change.

Here are the screenshots:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

(Tony) #10

Sounds interesting and extensible…:slight_smile: Now all we need is some brave soul to write the first version.

(Martin Webster) #11

Maybe I’m missing something here, but I don’t understand the “why” of this request. If you turn off Radio, the queue will end, so why add the need to add a pause at the end of each album (when you’ve queued up one or more albums?) If you’ve got to press play after a pause surely it’s as straightforward to press pause if you need a break?




This has nothing to do with the radio being on or off. It would be convenient to be able to put a pause in the queue so the queue would stop playing at a particular point.

I usually build large queues that are multiple hours long and I don’t think I am alone in that. Sometimes, after I build a queue and have been listening for a while, I discover I need/want to do something in the very near future but not right at the moment. Personally, I like to take the break to do whatever it is I want to do at the end of an album.

The problem is that I often get lost in the music and blow right through the end of an album and forget to take the break to do the task I wanted/needed to do. Hence the idea of being able to add a pause in the queue. If a hard pause happens, the music stops and I know it is time to do that task. If I had the pause option, I would not need to clear out the queue (only to have to be rebuilt later) with the radio off so it would stop at the end of album.

It’s just an idea. If Roon and other Roon users don’t see this as a good idea, fine. I am just putting it out there. If you don’t see the need, great. If you think it is a good, great.

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(Andrew Cox) #16

Yes. There are two things I’d like users to be able to insert into a queue. A Pause is one, the other is an Internet Radio station. Being able to set a timer for the Station would also be great.

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(Music and Shawarma Lover) #17

So you really want an egg timer. How about this: create for yourself a FLAC file with your own words “Hey Scott, it’s time for you to go do that thing you meant to do, but first pause Roon.”

Not that a queue bot and being able to insert functions and not just tracks into the queue wouldn’t be really cool. It would be.

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(Roon Dude) #18

There are times when I would like to complete my listening session with the currently playing track because I need to go somewhere or do something else. I don’t want to have to quickly press pause when it ends.

“Clear upcoming” accomplishes this, but the side effect is well, it clears upcoming entries in the play queue! It would be nice to have a “pause after current” feature. This will let me resume from the next track when I return to my audio system.



What I proposed allows this but also allows more flexibility. Being able to insert a pause anywhere in the queue is, in my mind, a great idea!


Yes, Roon really needs to add a feature to allow us to pause play after any track we wish, whether in an album string, a queue, or a playlist. When I have a guest over to groove on some tunes, we build an extensive playlist that we intend to listen through. But we like to pause after a tune and discuss it, and it is disruptive to have to think about jumping on the “pause” function right at the end of the tune…much nicer to stay immersed in the tune and have things stop with that moment of peace and contemplation. Then you hit play to start up the next in line. Fun!

I transitioned to Roon from Foobar2000 a couple of months ago, and losing this capability is a big hole in my digital music experience. Please address this Roon!

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