Embedded and Overclocked Intel CPUs

Debate… using an overclocked Intel CPU is there any pro / con / difference to

  • Embedded
  • Desktop on Linux

I’m waiting for parts to arrive to build an i7-12700K based system no CUDA (yet). I have an embedded license and I was planning to overclock (as needed). I have no experience with overclocking so my plan was to turn it up as needed and just keep all the fans at max while running then check temps + listen to music. Maybe that’s naive of me. But that was my plan.

I realize Ubuntu has some additional tools to look at temp / voltage / freq. that are not part of embedded out of the box. But I didn’t think it’d be difficult to get those tools as needed on embedded. Upgrades might be a pain but we’ll cross that bridge…

Anyway… what say you fine people on this topic?

Here’s a link to some scripts for monitoring temps on HQPlayer OS:

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Thanks. This looks straightforward enough.