Embedded lyrics ignored even when no Roon lyrics found

(Seamus) #1

I’ve been lurking on the form for a while thinking about when to pull the plug on my LMS 7.9 server. I was going to hold off until the iPhone app, RoonSpeakers and Roon certified endpoints were released, but after rebuild on my media server with Windows 10-1511 over the weekend I’m now a fully paid up Roon subscriber.

I have a number of questions/comments,the first relates to lyrics. I have about 40,000 tracks in FLAC, and every track with words has the correct lyrics embedded in the lyrics id-tag. This worked great with LMS and iPeng. I know Roon would have saved me some time as it finds lyrics for many tracks, but when it fails to find lyrics it gives up. I believe that it should look at the id-tag of the file and use the embedded lyrics in this case. There is a strong argument for saying that it should always use the embedded lyrics and only search externally if there are no lyrics embedded.

Here is an example from a recent Mark Knopfler album

And here are the lyrics metadata embedded in the FLAC file

Lyrics missing, again
(Mike) #2

Hey @Seamus – we don’t currently display embedded lyrics from your tags in Roon, but this is a great request. We’ve opened a ticket internally to get this done, so look for it in a future release!


(Dimitris) #3

Hi, is this still in the works?

(Mike) #4

Yes, still coming but our next release is more focused on audio. This will likely come a little later in the year with our next major release, which will be focused on metadata and editing.

(Steve Lees) #5

This is a feature that would be fantastic to have so please be sure to add it to Roon!

(Mycoft Holmes) #6

I strongly support this feature - as I do with other metadata from files (e.g. “PERIOD”). Customizable metadata Import would be great!

(Jan) #7

Almost a year further from Roon/Mike saying a ticket has been opened. Any hints when this feature will be embedded because I support Seamus’ request

(Seamus) #8

I’d still love the feature.

(Franz-Josef Bohnen) #9

Quite agree. It’s been a while now.

(Steve Lees) #10

Anyone? Beuller?


Please give us the possibility to add lyrics manually! Is this feature a ‘‘work in progress’’?


(Elmar Heimes) #12

Any news about this feature?
I would love it as well!

(Niccolò Terzi) #13

YES, i want embedded lyrics


Woo, I’ve wasted one hour to find out, why Roon does not display all lyrics. I’ve to learn to search in the forum first. :smiley: I hope this basic feature will be added soon.


Still nothing? Just a question…do you plan to implement lyrics from tags or an option inside Roon to add manually the lyrics?

I would prefer the second because it will be painful to operate on single files…it’s much easier to play with Roon interface…

(Kenneth Jonge) #16

Being from a country with only 5.5 mill people speaking the language, almost none of the local artists tracks has lyrics.
So a way to manually insert lyrics would be…amazing

(Enrique Lira) #17

Any update?, it would be amazing to have a way to put custom lyrics, every time I want to share a part of a song the lyrics are missing or wrong. That’s really frustrating considering that it’s easy to find the correct lyrics. I think just putting a text box where we can paste the lyrics and it gets stored somewhere would be amazing and doesn’t seem too hard to do.


As Apple Music will get lyrics search in the future, I think it’s time to overhaul the lyrics feature in Roon. :wink:

(Elmar Heimes) #19

This thread has been active since the end of 2015 and there seems to be no progress at all …

Could there possibly be another way to implement this? Since to me it seems such a simple task (just point to the internal tag instead of Lyrics.com or the like), maybe it can be done some other way?

MInd you - I do not really know what I am talking about, but could there possibly be a way for someone to write an extension that does just this?
I would gladly pay 50 Dollars for this feature. Maybe someone else wants to pitch in as well and thus create an incentive for a programmer to do that?

Or am I just being stupid and this could never work because extensions are something else entirely …?

(Seamus) #20

@Mike: this is still close to the top of my wish list. It could be implemented with no UI: use embedded lyrics if present in preference to searching the web for lyrics.