Embedded lyrics ignored even when no Roon lyrics found

(Joshua Carroll) #21

Wow, I just started the trial of Roon yesterday, and was thinking of a way of adding lyrics to music that doesn’t have said lyrics. Hopefully this functionality is added in the future.

(Seamus) #22

@mike Now three years after asking, any update?

(Mac Rebant) #23

This would be a great feature. Can’t believe 2 years have passed since it was supposed to be implemented.


Like all metadata concerns I don’t expect any will be prioritised if it’s not being tackled as some sort of grand plan for metadata.

(JohnV) #25

Roon can dampen expectations by not promising anything anymore. But they can’t dampen disappointment.

(Jon Rousseaux) #26

Is embedded lyrics coming or not?? I have been looking for a way to get lyrics into my tracks and thought this would be the way to go since Roon isnt pulling lyrics from Lyricfind all the time. But this thread was opened in 2015 and its now 2019 with no further info/comment/implementation from Roon??? Come on guys!