Embedded lyrics ignored even when no Roon lyrics found

(Joshua Carroll) #21

Wow, I just started the trial of Roon yesterday, and was thinking of a way of adding lyrics to music that doesn’t have said lyrics. Hopefully this functionality is added in the future.

(Seamus) #22

@mike Now three years after asking, any update?

(Mac Rebant) #23

This would be a great feature. Can’t believe 2 years have passed since it was supposed to be implemented.


Like all metadata concerns I don’t expect any will be prioritised if it’s not being tackled as some sort of grand plan for metadata.

(JohnV) #25

Roon can dampen expectations by not promising anything anymore. But they can’t dampen disappointment.

(Jon Rousseaux) #26

Is embedded lyrics coming or not?? I have been looking for a way to get lyrics into my tracks and thought this would be the way to go since Roon isnt pulling lyrics from Lyricfind all the time. But this thread was opened in 2015 and its now 2019 with no further info/comment/implementation from Roon??? Come on guys!

(Kevin ODonnell) #27

How is this not available by now?

(JohnV) #28

TMK, Roon officials have not endorsed the idea of user lyrics, nor commented on it. While I would love to believe that wanting and having is the same thing, I know otherwise.

I think @evand’s quote is spot on:

(Scott Winders) #29


Any updates on this? Is it on the roadmap or not? If yes, timeframe?

(Yuchen Li) #30

Strongly need this!!!
Lyrics for foreign songs are few, few indeed. I have a lot of songs with embedded lyrics saved by foobar. Zoon is great, but it’s still too expensive for me. However, I would not hesitate to buy lifetime membership if embedded lyrics are supported.

(Scott Winders) #31


Feb 2016 was three years ago. Any update on what is going on with this feature request?

(Scott Winders) #32


One more bump:

Feb 2016 was three years ago. Any update on what is going on with this feature request?

How about we get a response from @brian?

(Esben Foverskov) #33


I would also very much like to know if there are plans for implementing this. I too have a collection with many lyrics that Roon can’t find online.

Loving Roon, enough so that I recently renewed for the first time. But development of some basic stuff seems to be taking a really long time.

(Brian Luczkiewicz) #34

It’s more complicated than it appears on the surface, so it didn’t fit into that release that I mentioned above due to time constraints. We still plan to do this.

(Franz-Josef Bohnen) #35

May we remind you in 2022, or so? :nerd_face:

(Scott Winders) #36

Okay. But that was 3 years ago and there have been many releases since that release.

When I read your response I laughed out loud. Why? Because you try to make it sound like 3 years has not passed since you said it would be in the next release…

Should people that want this feature expect to wait another 3 years or can they expect it sooner than that?

(Brian Luczkiewicz) #37

No-one at Roon Labs (and definitely not me–today’s was my first comment in this discussion) said that this would be in the next release.

Mike expressed a likelihood that it might fit into a particular release that was touching on nearby functionality around the time of his comment. As it turns out, it didn’t. Plans/priorities change all of the time in software development.

Between three years ago and now, we have learned to be more careful about speaking dates in public, even dates with a degree of uncertainty, because of reactions like this.

This feature is still on the roadmap.


You can always see the lyrics in the metadata

(Scott Winders) #39

Fine. @mike said it would be later in 2016. Again that was at least 2 years ago which is a very long time even for you guys.

I get it. You get to say it is on the roadmap and won’t give a time frame. That means it could come 10 years from now or never. Ass covered…

(Stefan) #40

Sure, and sometimes even nonrequested miseries make it into the top 10 and get done. Should I mention the mono-alike-looking bar in the lower section which (for gods sake) was dropped again.

Working forth and back might eat up the time to get such dated things done. And I would have liked the option to choose ‘embeded lyrics’ from within the list of items being displayed while a track gets played. Means it would have also improoved this new concept introduced in 1.6 since by now that’s way better but the old lyrics windows.