Emily Isherwood - Distant Televison Studios

I have just purchased Emily Isherwood - Distant Television Studios from Bandcamp the album title has “BR035” in front of it but the Tidal version in my library does not.

I also have a similar issue with Aurora - Step 2: A Different Kind Of Human, the Tidal version is simply called A Different Kind Of Human.

The Isherwood title is BR035 Distant Television Studios in Bandcamp so that would be the title in the files themselves. I don’t think Distant Television Studio is listed in either Allmusic or Musicbranz so about the only source for a title roon would have is the file itself. Since BR035 Distant Television Studios is likely the title that Isherwood chose as artists usually have that kind of control at Bandcamp (even though BR035 isn’t on the cover), shouldn’t the proper question be why doesn’t Tidal have the correct title?

Honestly I am not really interested in ”what the question should be”.
There is a difference and Roon like to know these things (usually).

You can see the title of the album on the cover and it does not include BR035.

Hi @oneofmany,

Is this album identified? Can you share a screenshot of the album page for this album?

Good point @dylan it is actually unidentified, how do I go about getting it identified?

As @Stan_Jones pointed out for some reason the metadata contains BR035 in the title, it’s pretty obvious that this is a mistake.

Hi @oneofmany,

I looked into this a bit more and it looks like our metadata providers don’t have information about this album, so it won’t be able to be identified at this time. You should be able to correct the title be either doing a manual edit or adjusting the file tags for this album.

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I know Emily well, and the BR035 is just the Breakfast Records catalog ref. The physical EP doesn’t have it in the title

I just removed it from the file tags before adding to Roon

That’s what I thought from the big Breakfast Records banner on her Bandcamp page.
I downloaded Yate and removed the BR035, I was also going to drop Bandcamp an email about it.

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