EMM & Meitner as "Roon Ready"

The partners page lists EMM and Meitner for “Roon Ready network players”.

What specific products do they offer, that are Roon ready network players?

If it’s their DAC2Xv2 and MA-1 products, I’m surprised: these are pure DACs, with no streaming/network-bridge capability. I thought Roon Ready required a streaming/ethernet link.

Is it appropriate to call these “Roon Ready network players”, rather than “Roon tested DACs” ?

If so, I guess I don’t quite understand Roon Ready…

Please advise?


If you look close at the partners page, there is a * after them and refers to “Coming Soon”. So I’m guessing it is for products due to be released.

ah, of course - thanks, that helps…

I’ve been looking at upgrading my aging Peachtree iDac to a higher-end & Roon Ready streamer/dac - and getting oriented across this line. These were puzzling me.