Empty Artists in my collection

I seem to have a lot of “empty artists” in my library. For example, when I search “Barenboim” one of the results I get is the following:

No titles or albums are associated with this “artist”, it’s just a remnant from bad tagging.

How can I get rid of it?

Really not a single idea, dear guys at @support?

Hey @Rainer_Muller – sorry for the slow response here. I assume this persists if you restart your Core?

The only way to access this artist is via Search Results? What if you look in Album Focus, under Performers or Production or Composers? Does this performer show up in any of these places?

This is a bit strange, but we can definitely take a look into this for you. Thanks for the report!

Yes, it persists.

It’s not found in any of these.

About the only thing I can do with this “artist” is to export it to an Excel file. This contains the name, Main Album Count = 0, Work Count = 0; the rest of the fields is empty.

I have many of these empty artists in my collection. They were in the “artist” tag of my files and Roon recognized them as Primary Artists. Within Roon, I used the Edit Track feature to remove these unwanted primary artists. So maybe they are still there but simply “disabled”.


Just found where it came from. It’s still in the Artist tag of the album, but I deselected it as a Primary Artist. Of course, I could remove it manually from the album tags. But then, there are a lot of these “empty artists”. I think the user should not see them if they are not in use anywhere.

Ah, nice catch! Ok, let me see if QA can reproduce and if so we’ll get a bug fix in for this.

Thanks again for the report @Rainer_Muller!

Hi, @Rainer_Muller, could you please send us media which caused this behavior? I’ll contact you via PM with further details.

Thanks for your patience!


Resolved: The issue was caused by a hidden album with the same tag (in fact it was the low-res version of the same album).

I have seen behavior that may cause this.
I have Tidal albums with album artists that contain a string like “Alice Smith & Bob Jones”. This is treated by Roon as a single artist, and the individual artists are not recognized, and are not blue links. I go in and edit the album to clean this up, both primary and album artists. But the compound string still shows up in credits. In this case below, I have removed the combination string from the album, but it still is assigned on the track level. So in this case, when I click on the artist the album is still assigned. But I have a feeling I have seen examples where the original Tidal artists were still in the database, even with no album associations, I just can’t reproduce at the moment.