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Why have most of my Tags emptied themselves?

By Empty do you see


Are you sure the files in question are still in an Roon Watched Enabled storage location

I keep a USB Drive attached to my NUC with Big boxes etc , but its normally Disabled , this Tag Is effective a place holder for one of those boxes. When I enable the USB Drive this Tag “comes back to life”


Yes the folder icon looks like that.
I disabled TIDAL while I searched for CDs I had ripped but roon’s useless search couldn’t find.
TIDAL is now enabled but it’s possibly all the TIDAL tracks that have disappeared from the tags.

did you perform a forget rescan, is your tagging well done, some more explanation on what the problem is would be helpful, regards, FLa

No help regarding your actual issue, but if your initial intention was to only view your local files, you could’ve just used „Focus“ to exclude streaming content - maybe next time around.

Thanks for that Marin. Much appreciated.

I certainly forced a rescan several times as I was adding CDs that roon had previously rejected or lost (200 or so) and wanted to check they were actually there this time. Not sure what the ‘forget’ bit means.

[is your tagging well done] What does that mean? What more is there than ‘Add to tag’ ?

That’s about it my carefully curated ‘Tags’ are mostly empty - And I didn’t empty them.

What programm do you use for tagging the files

I think @John_Adam is speaking about Tidal tracks, not local files, and the tags he is speaking about are Roon tags, not file tags

A database is not supposed to be able to delete data without asking. Very poor.

Never seen this happen anywhere on the forum, I am not yet convinced we know what happened. I had Tidal logouts occasionally, and after logging back in everything was there just like before - as long as Clean Up Library was not run in the meantime, of course. Not sure what the effect of a forced rescan is while Tidal is logged out though.

Hoping Roon support can chime in here

Hi @John_Adam ,

Thanks for the report here. Can you confirm what tracks were present in the Tags? Were they all local tracks or did they contain TIDAL/Qobuz content? Can you share a few screenshots of the missing tags on your end?

No because they’re gone.
I’m fairly clear that they were all Tidal tracks and they got dumped while I had Tidal ‘Disabled’ in [Services]
The problem stems from the awful search function: You can’t search just your local music or just Tidal. Object Pascal and MySQL have the ‘Like’ operator which allows you to get your spelling wrong, but roon requires you to get it dead right. I’ve heard that this stems from merging databases - another daft move that wouldn’t be necessary if you could choose where you search.

The standard SQL LIKE function looks for a sub string in a text field, a wrong spelling will still fail to match

Unless MySQL is trickier than I thought

I speak MS T-SQL so maybe

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