Enable Boss2 oled display with ssh with ropieee

Im trying to enable the oled display on my boss2 dac. Using ropieee
Ive dl putty and tried to connect with ssh but it keep saying network error.
Anyone that can help me out?

Tried the method , removing the sd card and adding the ssh file. But still cant connect

I too would like to know. I just updated my Allo Boss 2 to the latest Ropieee release and would like to get the display going again.

The current version of RoPieee does not support SSH, so you may need to use a different OS to install and run the python script referenced in the manual:

So whats the order to get it working?
First instal rasbian or something on the SD-card?
then follow the intructions to install the display .
Then etch ropiee on the SD card ? wont that erase the display install?

Ive got unbutuu on my win 11 is there a way to use that instead and connect to the pi?

RoPieee is a stand-alone “appliance”, so it does not support modification or customization. If you want to “roll your own”, choose DietPi or similar, and you’ll likely have to figure out how you want to display content on the screen. In other words, you would not be able to use RoPieee in your use case.

Thats weird why have this installation guide then: 4

Where it says tested on Ropieee

I would suggest checking with Allo about the current accuracy of their guide and advice about the best combination of software to use.

“Classic” RoPieee used to allow ssh (although modification and customization was not officially supported), but the newly architected version just released this year does not.

Yeah ,

Thx will do ! Been googling for a whily now saw it got disabled due security reasons. Its not a must but a would be nice option!

Allo is looking into this atm. emailed them, more news in a couple of days.

Need to use RopieeeXL ssh option is available in that . got it working

XL is getting the same architecture / framework change (its in beta now) so when that goes stable it will stop working again. DietPi is probably a better option.