Enable/Disable convolution with track playing = noise! [Oppo BDP-205]

Should I be able to enable/disable convolution filters (REW wav for each sampling rate) with a track playing?

When I do, I get a moderately loud blast of what sounds like pink noise and the only way to resolve is to start the track over. Pause/resume does not resolve.

I understand the stream is being interrupted to enable or disable the filters but it seems as though a buffer could/should hold off the change until it could be completed without destroying the packet order and losing sync.

I’m running 1.3 269 Roon Server on Windows 7 Ethernet to Oppo 205.

Thanks in advance,

Based on the symptom, this sounds like it might be a bug on the Oppo side. All Roon is doing is rapidly pressing “Stop” then restarting playback with the new stream. We are definitely not sending pink noise to the device. Have you raised this with them?

Thanks, I opened a case with Oppo this morning to see if they are aware of this issue. This is the 2nd issue I’ve found with their implementation of Roon Ready. Their crossovers/bass management are bypassed during Roon play…


perhaps something like this should be added to the ‘Roon Ready’ testing process to check for stability and behavioural oddities in endpoints.

Blasts of noise are something I have only experienced with my TV when it could not handle the sound format sent to it. I dread to think what something like that might sound like through the hifi at a typical listening volume!

We do quite a bit of stability testing, but ultimately assuring that output remains “safe” (no bad sounds no matter what) is squarely the manufacturer’s responsibility, as is certifying that RAAT sound quality is in parity with their other inputs.

It is fairly clear from the above that their firmware is experiencing some sort of race condition related to the quick stop/restart of playback that happens when changing DSP settings. Bugs like this are notoriously difficult to repeat across setups. Changing DSP settings during playback is part of the testing that we do, along with general stress testing of the playback engine, and we never ran across this symptom. Perhaps it is configuration dependent–I am not sure. That is for Oppo to determine, as they know best how to exercise every possible configuration of their own product.

It’s worth pointing out: as much as we’d like every product going out the door to be perfect at launch, we do not have the organization size or resources to provide comprehensive QA services free-of-charge to an entire industry.

We do an awful lot of QA work on these devices as it stands–more than we probably should given the size of our feature request queue and the volume of projects we have going at any given point in time.

In order to streamline this, we make documentation + training materials available to our partner’s QA teams with the specific goal of helping them test the Roon-related aspects of their product effectively. In the end, though, every manufacturer is responsible for their own QA, stability, and bugs (as are we if the bugs happen in components owned by us, of course).

Our focus during testing–and the thing that takes up the bulk of our time–is making sure that partners implement the product design properly, that the user experience is as good as it can be in the face of any hardware/platform limitations, and ensuring that the device meets performance metrics. That is where our expertise lies, and where we bring the greatest value.

Hi @brian, that is reassuring to know. It is just that I get the impression that it can be too easy for manufacturers to blame Roon, especially as Roon Ready becomes more widespread. It is important going forward that users raise any issues with manufacturers and feedback progress to his forum. That way you stay in the loop and we all get an idea of who deserves our money.

I’ve found another minor issue with Roon and the 205. Roon is unable to control or display volume when using the headphone amp. Perhaps it’s because of how they wired up the DAC(s) but since it works fine when outputting to the balanced/unbalanced, seems it should work with headphone. However, I can change convo filters on/off with a track playing without issue (using headphone).

I’ve made Oppo support aware just now,