Enable filters based on sample rates or file type (DSD)

This would be similar to what Audirvana implements so elegantly.
It would enable us to play only high resolution files within a genre, or within a playlist.

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Maybe I’m misinterpreting your post, but can’t this already be achieved using focus?

You are correct Carl, thank you!
I’m new to Roon, and just realized the Focus window has a second pane, to the right (not scrolling down, which is coherent with the rest of the interface but somewhat unorthodox in Mac land…), and then there’s the Bookmark feature, which again is unusually named and implemented as you have to click on the same icon to both see the existing ones and to create a new one, which enables saving a “Focused” selection.

All good now, this post can probably go into the section to help Roon newbies…

So this solves the “Smart Playlist” question, I guess now I’m unclear how to create a “Manual Bookmark”, i.e. one where the user chooses the Albums or Tracks singlehandledly as opposed to using Focus to Filter things down?

Sounds like you should checkout playlists.

In case you’re not aware, let me introduce the Roon Knowledge Base it’s a great reference for new and experienced users alike.