Enable Grouping on iPhone

I am able to group my output zones on my PC. However, once a week or so, it loses part of the grouping. That’s easily solved if my PC is on by ungrouping and then grouping again.

The grouping function isn’t available in the iPhone Roon Remote. It would be really convenient to have it on the iPhone to be able to take care of the lost grouping problem quickly. As it stands, I have to (delay breakfast,) turn on the PC, wait for it to boot up, etc. in order to get the music going where I want it.

Thanks for considering.

Grouping is available in the phone interface already: open the Zones menu (click on volume icon > Switch Zone) and tap Group Zones top right. You can (un)group there:

Enjoy your breakfast! :wink:

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By golly, you’re right! I have seen that Zones bar at the bottom, but it somehow never crossed my mind to tap it. I somehow thought it was just a label.


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