Enable Roon to capture/process audio from a Toslink input?

First, excellent work on Roon 1.3! I spend a lot of time playing with software of all kinds, and Roon is one of the few that impresses!

Of course, now that you’ve given us all of these new features, naturally I want another one! :slight_smile:

Pardon some background…

I have my music stored on a NAS, which is then mounted by my MacMini server running Roon and HQPlayer. Aside from the advanced filters available within HQP, I also rely on its convolution based EQ to implement the driver EQ required by my active speakers. (My line-level crossover handles only the frequency splitting duties between drivers.) For music, this is my current solution and it works very well.

But while music is the main focus of my system, I also occasionally want it to handle home theater duties. For this, I use an Oppo player as an AV hub that extracts the audio stream (whether from a disc its playing or another HDMI connected source) and sends it to the optical (Toslink) input of my MacMini. I use Rogue Amoeba’s “Loopback” application to route the audio from the optical input to Apple’s AU Lab application, which then applies the same driver correction parametric EQ settings that HQP otherwise applies to Roon’s output audio stream. This does work, but it isn’t flawless. As an example, after a few hours, the audio engine within AU Lab seems to suffer from growing errors (noticed as static) and I have to restart the engine.

So… with the DSP capabilities added to Roon 1.3, I’m now only one step shy of being able to use Roon to take over all audio processing duties on the Mac. Could Roon be made to capture, route and process the audio coming in via a Toslink input?

Or is this already possible and I’ve just missed it?

Many thanks!


I would love this too