Enable sort criteria for search results

I recently ran a search for instances of the string “\” which presented a result of 51 albums, presumably listed in the order they were found. As I had to load each of the resulting albums in a tag editor it would’ve been very useful to be able to sort by artist name rather than to have to jump around from 0-Z on my server as I worked my way through the list. I imagine for albums sort criteria results might include

  • album name
  • artist, album
  • artist, year
  • year, artist
  • year, genre
  • genre, artist, year
  • genre, artist, album

Second this… Here the same, when searching for a track… Hundreds of results, no way to sort the list…

Actually, I think you will probably see the filter icon up near the bookmark icon at some point.

And you can sort the track list, and add columns to sort on.
I sorted on DR…

OH right, Thank Anders. There are a number of columns you can add now and then sort by. Although I…disagree with the DR ratings used… but that is another topic.

@AndersVinberg @Rugby The lack of any sorting capabilities pointed out by @JSE JSE is clearly about search results, not the track viewer. I think he stated that pretty clearly. Something I’ve asked about many times in the past. As it stands now (and as it has always been), search results are presented as an apparently random list, with no way to organize the results usefully.

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