Enable users to define fields/tags they'd like surfaced in Roon

I’d like to be able to better leverage tag embedded metadata I’ve added to my music prior using Roon. As an example, most albums in my library have a MOOD tag with one or more keywords describing a mood which I used to be able to leverage within LMS (using plugins) for browsing and/or playback purposes. As an example:


Just as Roon’s focus enables turning on or off individual Genres/Styles in Focus, it’d be great if Focus could include file-based tags that users specifically nominate in Roon’s config (you’ve already imported all that anyhow)

A mood tag is just to serve as an example, I’m sure other users will have their own tags and use cases, so please let’s not discuss the merits/ demerits of a mood tag specifically. Roon is never going to be able to anticipate all use cases so rather than try to solve that, allow users to add and leverage that which is important to them - architecturally it doesn’t matter what users choose to add, the underlying logic/treatment is the same and requires no incremental effort beyond first implementation and performance optimisation.

With audio analysis through the likes of AcousticBrainz generating mood baqsed metadata tags this would be a great way for users to generate playlists or kickoff a Roon Radio session where hey’re not streaming.

Cost to Roon: allow users to define a few tag names they’d like to become first class citizens within Focus.