Enabling Audio Options on the NUC

(James Bailey) #1

More questions about my ROK/NUC install. Clicking on the “Audio” link in the Set-up menu reveals a lot of things that I cold enable on the NUC. The HDMI options are particularly confusing to me because there are 5 things to enable, but I’m pretty sure the NUC only has only 1 HDMI output. I also don’t what the what HDA Intel PCH ALC233 Analog is.

I guess main question is: what would enabling these things do?

(Geoff Coupe) #2

See this thread:

The Analog device is for the audio output via the 3.5 mm jack socket.

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(Adam Goodfellow) #3

HDMI 0 appears to be the physical HDMI output (or at least this is the case with my 717BNH NUC). I have this connected to my AVR for some surround format stuff I was trying out.

(Henry) #4

Go into the bios and disable the sound card and they go away.

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