Enabling Convolution Filters on ROCK

I’m considering getting a NUC to run ROCK, but have a question. According to the Convolution Filter documentation, you need to enable Convolution Filters on a Windows PC or MAC. It doesn’t mention the ability to enable them in ROCK. Is this possible?

You need a Roon remote capable of displaying the full user interface to get to those settings, so mobiles and most tablets are out…

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Thanks Marin. So it sounds like I would still need Roon installed on a PC or Mac to enable the filters on, and it would sync to ROCK.

Robosledger whatever your Roon server is, it will sync the convolution filters and store it with the Roon server.

Best thing to do is create a DSP preset and then you can apply it wherever you need to use the headphones.

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Thanks Michael. Yep, I have filter presets for my headphones and one for my room. I love that feature.

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