Enabling multicasting & IGMP Snooping - a possible cure for iOS crashes

I’ve been getting this frustrating issue for a long time now (as many others have) and have been wondering if it is somehow a network communication issue between the iDevice and the router as there are also many users that don’t experience it.

Tonight I changed setting on my ASUS RT-AC88U and enabled both Multicast Routing and IGMP Snooping, I know its early days but in the 15 hours since doing this I haven’t had a single crash on an iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 4, my wife’s iPhone 11 Pro Max and my iPhone 12 Pro.

I’d be interested to know if other users can try this out in their set ups to see if it helps or as in my case seemingly vanquishes this incredibly frustrating issue.

I did have to reboot a couple of endpoints and my ROCK for Roon to see them after applying the settings but its been perfect since.

EDIT: Hey @andybob please would you seperate my post into its own thread, so that it is more visible for users to see.

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Hi Mark,

@ipeverywhere provided a very useful post about multicasting, IGMP and Roon which I’ve linked below. On my good days I can nearly understand it:


And then he says at the end -
Note, this is an overly simplified description of how this works :frowning_face:

Confirms my suspicion that the best way for my brain to treat networking is as voodoo.



‘Networking voodoo snake-oil’… there must be a profitable market for that!

There was nothing in base 16 so it was indeed very lightweight for a networking guru.

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Are you running alpha builds?