Enabling USB Frozen

I’m trying to enable my Nucleus+ USB audio output to my Audio Research DAC7. Under settings > Audio > Connected to Core. I can see USB Audio DAC Burr-Brown from TI ALSA. When I select “Enable” it switches to “Enabling…” but never completes. It does not show as an audio out zone, so something seems to be hanging up. There are some gears next to Enabling…

Can you check that your Roon software is up to date? Go to Settings > About (upper right corner of the window).

Cheers, Greg

It’s currently at 1.4 build 310 stable. I’m guessing I need to click download to get this to update itself to 1.5? I’m currently set at auto bug fixes, will bumping this to all updates keep this device current? Is there a reason not to be set at this level?

Yes, go ahead and install the update. The options for installing updates is up to you.

Cheers, Greg

USB to DAC7 is now working.

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