Enabling wifi on hifiberry digi+

Hi folks,

New to the Raspberry Pi environment, so please bare with me.

I’m using the Roon image for the hifiberry, and when I’m in the Raspi-Config tool, when I go into “4 Change Wi-Fi Country” I get the following error message:

“Could not communicate with wpa-supplicant”

Anyone have a clue?



Disregard. Figured it out.

Followed the directions provided here and it works perfectly now.

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@Chris_Talbot Just FYI RPi wifi is not the most robust and should be avoided if you can run LAN connected. You might get lucky and have no issues but if you start getting dropouts and odd things then this is where you should make the leap to LAN cable connection.

Thanks Mr Fix!

Appreciate the heads up.

I do have the RPi about 5 feet below my wifi router, and I have very high bandwidth wifi in the home, so I’ll give it a shot.

I did play around with it last night for a few hours and it was fantastic!