Enabling WiFi on Pi4 question

Hi all,

I’ve followed the beginner guide and connected to the Ropieee web interface and am looking to enable WiFi. Problem is I can’t see my WiFi network. I only see a network called “nknow”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m currently using a Netgear mesh network satellite connected to Ethernet to view the web interface. If I try to enable WiFi commit changes/reboot/remove network cable etc. I can no longer get to the web interface and my netgear app can no longer see the Pi on the network.

Apologies for Noob question. Any help appreciated.


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First of all I suggest you reflash with the latest version. This is the old version that you can’t upgrade.

Second, you need to hit the ‘SCAN’ button to activate network scanning.

Many thanks, for some reason I thought the scan button was related to the network interface…(not the network) :man_facepalming:

Much appreciated :+1:

It can be confusing. In the new version the ‘SCAN’ button is next to the network field.


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