Enabling zone while playing gets app into a broken state

I was playing a track on my MB Air and while it was playing, I clicked on the output zone, which brought up the list of available zones that it detected (that were not enabled). I enabled the AirPort Express zone it detected, it prompted me for the password and it connected / switched output. The checkbox switched to the AirPort Express zone, but it was flickering rapidly and output kept continuing on the system zone (speakers). If I clicked back on the system zone it the checkbox kept flickering rapidly and playback continued. No matter what I clicked on the checkbox was stuck in some sort of update loop and playback was never interrupted.

In addition to the above issue, the AirPort password entry was in clear-text and not obscured. By default you should obscure the password text entry.

Hello Andrew, we need to grab your logs, I’ll PM you shortly with the instructions how can you send them to us.

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