End Of The Line For My Node 2i?

After a year of frustration getting my Node 2i to stop constantly disconnecting from the Wi-Fi have finally admitted DEFEAT!. It was working OK for about 6 weeks when for no reason dropped it’s connection then went from a Good signal to a Poor signal?. Every other wireless device I have is connecting OK so have now sold it on, In fact have practically given it away but at least I will feel no more FRUSTRATION and move on.

So sorry about this, and I understand, totally. Whatever might be said, users like use base performance or reliability of a device on personal experience and my personal experience (with an excellent Plume Wifi system) is that Bluesound does not handle mesh point very well. They tend to be perfect if they don’t choose to move around, but when then do they do not transition gracefully.

Andrew from Bluesound has said they there are working on putting in code to handle this situation better, so it is an obvious issue.