Endless spinning icon, nonstop hardrive read write

I upgraded to 1.3. All my Tidal login problems disappeared. Yeah. The analysis process has me confused and concerned. See my notes about behavior below.

Running Sonic Transporter through wired network to Sonore MicroRendu into a PS Audio Directstream DAC. No playback issues at all. No Tidal issues at all. No apparent network issues far as I can see.
Background Audio analysis has completed after almost three days. I followed that progress from the Settings page under library background analysis speed. That countdown finally accomplished.
The spinning icon on welcome page continues to spin and the window that opens from it gives total tracks imported and below that files scanned. Neither of theses values have changed in over a day. My SonicTransporter AP is churning away on something as the spinning drive is running continuously. 46,728 tracks Imported, 3863 files Scanned are the numbers.
No newly added Music files are being recognized. I added 20 or so yesterday. They are on the SonicTransporter drive, but not being recognized by Roon. I chalked this up to background analysis but now that it’s over, still no. I have gone into storage under settings and disabled then restarted but can’t tell anything has changed.
Also, automatic backup is failing with a quota exceeded message.
Is this normal behavior? Do I just need to be patient? Worried about the nonstop heavy activity of the SOnicTransporter.

I have shut down Roon server and switched to Logitech Media Server to make sure there were no issues with my files. Total joy.

I have Roon Logs for past two days if someone can review and advise me on how to proceed. For now I will give my hard drive a rest and use LMS.

Anyone have any advice? Moving back to top of support page. Politely asking for assistance from the Roon support team. I know with the new version, you have a lot going on. I’m new to these forums so if my syntax is wrong, I will try to learn the correct protocol for support. Thanks in advance

After installing 1.3, a full reanalysis of your files is performed. During analysis, the wave forms you see while playing are created and R128 values used for volume levelling are computed. This is quite an intensive process, that needs to finish before doing anything ‘heavy’ with Roon.

You can track its progress in Settings > Library. If you want, you can speed things up by assigning more of your processor cores to it in Background Analysis Speed. Can you tell us where things are at the moment?

While Roon is busy analysing, other actions (like importing new files) may be queued. I would refrain from making backups until analysis has fully finished. If Roon is still being naughty after that, you can alert Roon Support by typing @support in your message, so it won’t get overlooked in busy times.

Thanks for the report @Larry_Holt – we had some server issues earlier today that can cause identification issues, but those are now resolved. Can you try restarting the Sonic Transporter, and seeing this works itself out?

If not, can you post a screenshot of the windows that pops up when you click the spinner? It should tell us how many tracks were imported, added, and identified.

I’m also going to flag @agillis from Small Green Computer here – I know we’ve seen one or two Sonic Transporter users have trouble with their local storage, and he’s been able to resolve it for them, so he may have more information to share with us.

Thanks for your patience @Larry_Holt!

I followed the background analysis for better part of two days until it’s completion, now it’s just the spinning icon on the welcome page. When that icon is pressed it show no change for over 36 hours. Don’t know what that means, just know my hard drive was chirping nonstop until I finally shut down Roon server out of concern for my new Sonic Transporter’s hard drive. Something sure seems amiss and I hope support can review my logs and make a suggestion. Thanks for responding.

Here is a screen shot this number is actually lower than when I shut down server. Files scanned was 3568. As previously stated, this number was unchanged for over 24 hours.


Here is the screen shot.

Hey @Larry_Holt – sorry for the slow response here. Are you still having an issue? Let us know and we can help if so.


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