Endlessly spinning circle

Hi Roon team (and friends of Roon).

I have the “endlessly spinning circle” issue. It’s not giving the metadata message like other people have experienced; rather, it just seems to keep scanning even though “Adding music to library” is complete.

The Roon Core is running on a NUC10, reading data from a Synology NAS. Everything is hardwired (not using WiFi). Very large library.

It’s only doing this for one large folder - all the other folders (some large as well) it finishes fine.

I tried restoring from a backup prior to the issue, but that didn’t solve the problem. I’ve also tried multiple restarts/reboots.

I’m happy to take a look at my logs if you can point me in the right direction.

Thanks for the help!

Are you running build 884? I had the same issue and with the latest Update it is gone.

What is “Very Large”
Is this a new install ie a new library

With very big libraries the audio analysis phase can be very long --days

I had a similar issue, I ended up sending a log file to Roon who identified a corrupt audio file in my local library. Once I zapped that the issue was sorted.

@Basti - I am running 884. Thanks for asking.

@Mike_O_Neill - I’ve had this install for years, so it’s not new. I have a definite sense for how long it normally takes - this time it’s an issue. Thanks as well.

@Graham_Getty - I’m guessing I have the same issue. Does anyone know if there’s ever been a post or support article where the Roon team explains how to look at your own logs? I’ve looked and couldn’t find, but may have missed it.

Thanks everyone for the help!

If you go to:
Left hand side 3 horizontal lines →
Settings →
There is a Skipped files log that you can view that may shed light on your issue.
I hope that helps.

Dear guys,

We are actually discussing the same topic here:

i was asking support for guiding me for sending a log file so they can have a look on it. i did not get an answer so far…

Thank you for the redirect.
Here is how you can grab the logs for them I believe:
Accessing Logs (roonlabs.com)
Not sure how useful it is though.

@Rantanplanary - thanks for the link.

Interesting in that I think DJD (the original poster on that thread) may have had a “similar but not the same” issue as ours (though I’m not sure, of course).

The end result of an endlessly spinning circle is the same. However, DJD was getting the “Metadata Improver: Halted” message. Whereas based on the screenshots you and I don’t get that at all.

Not sure it helps us just yet, but could be important to know.

@MamaTried - thanks for the pointer. I hadn’t ever looked at that part of Settings, and it was interesting.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a new file listed that could be causing the issue, so it’s something else. That said, I did find out about some corrupt files on my hard drive that I didn’t know about, so now can fix. So thanks for that!

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@support - can you please give @Rantanplanary and I a quick “here’s what to look for in the logs” so we can go in and see if we can find the file(s) that are causing the endlessly spinning circle?

If there’s already a knowledgebase article that explains this, apologies that I couldn’t find it. I’m thinking this will be helpful to multiple people in the future as well.


Hey @Vog,

Thanks so much for being this open to resolving the issue you ran into both within the community and with our staff :pray:

We appreciate your patience and collaboration :star2:

While I’m certainly in no position to offer guidance on reading the logs, I can definitely get our technical team involved.

Would you please grab a set of logs, zip up the entire folder and upload it in our drive?

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Figured it out through trial and error, removing and re-adding files that had been added when it started happening.

@beka If you could file a bug report, the offending file had an emoji in the file name. FWIW, replacing it with a different emoji fixed it, so it’s not all emojis.



Hey @Vog,

Many thanks for the insight :pray: . It’s being passed on to the team.

We’re glad you’re all set now :nerd_face:

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