Endpoint + Core +/- NAS?


I currently have an AL endpoint and a seperate core on generic Debian 9 (headless)

I am toying with the idea of upgrading the core (LPS, ?running on AL, fanless etc etc ) but am not clear if there will likely be any difference, in SQ terms, between running

Core -> Endpoint


NAS -> Core -> Endpoint

In the second scenario Core might well be a Nucleus or something similar running AL

Everything is hardwired LAN, not wireless

Any thoughts as to if there would likely be any difference splitting up the various functions? Certainly I have found the SQ uplift running AL on the endpoint to be very worthwhile

Many thanks

I prefer to keep files local to the core and use the NAS as a backup of my music. Even if there is no SQ differences, NAS’ can sometimes not report file system updates in a way that Roon can catch things real-time, which causes a user to have to manually re-scan.

Cheers Dan

Perhaps I should phrase the question slightly differently?

Is final SQ dependent only on the endpoint (whether that includes the core or not) or does the core (if separate) contribute?