Endpoint/DAC Combo?

By year end I’m moving into a new house with multiple bedrooms, each of which has the same configuration: fairly decent powered in-wall speakers. I can connect whatever I want to these speakers via analog jacks but it needs to have its own volume control. The original idea was to have Bluesound Nodes in each room, but that was before I was deeply committed to Roon, and at this point, I can’t see using anything else. And, as of now, Bluesound doesn’t work with Roon, so I have to find something else. A shame really, as the Nodes are otherwise perfect.

One sub-optimal solution would be to get a bunch of Meridian MS200s, but these seem hardly worth it at $1k each and they top out at 96/24 (and no volume control). I do have one alternative: I own three Squeezebox Touch units and I could buy one more on ebay. Of course, EDO only works on the USB port, so these would also top out at 96/24, but they’re way cheaper than the MS200 and have a clock :slight_smile: Is there any alternative product that pairs a DAC with an endpoint? I need to make a decision as to what to use in the next month.

The MS200 has variable volume control on analogue, and you’ll find they can be purchased for considerably less than $1k.

They are limited to 24/96, as you say. How much music do you have that would be downsampled?

Raspberry Pis with either a HiFiBerry Amp+ or IQAudio DigiAMP+ might suit. There are threads about both on this Forum and see a comparative discussion here.

Rene (@RBM) might be able to say which could be best for you.

I’m getting one of these for the bedroom to use with headphones, but they haven’t shipped yet and they haven’t been hammered on in the real world like the above solutions.

Edit: I see your speakers are powered so the DAC+ versions from a HiFiBerry or IQAudio might be more suitable.

I’m really satisfied with the Hifi Berry AMP+ in my studio and the HiFi Berry DAC+ Pro at home connected to a Rega Brio-R.

The HiFi Berry AMP+ is limited to 16-bit/48kHz. So the IQAudio Pi-DigiAMP+ would be a better option (limit is 24-bit/192kHz).

I happen to like Squeezebox and think they had a a great product. So since you already have several I would just get another. Yes, they are limited to 24/96 but with a homogeneous endpoints you would be able to group them all together.

Hi @rbienstock,

You may be interested in this announcement by Rob Darling regarding Bluesound.

This is amazing news, and exactly what I was waiting for. I just ordered four Nodes and two Pulses. This is also a MAJOR development, because NAD has now extended BlueOS throughout their line. Essentially every NAD product that has networking or accepts an MDC board will now be a Roon endpoint.

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Hopefully the timing works out so that you can enjoy Roon throughout the new house. :yum: