Endpoint/DAC for garage system

I’ve been using a Squeezebox 2 with an AudioEngine A5 (circa 2010) for my garage system. The Squeezebox stopped working a few weeks ago after 15 years and I’m looking for a low cost endpoint/DAC to replace it. The AudioEngine only has a 3.5mm jack for audio input so I just need RCA output on the device. It needs to be wireless as I don’t have any Ethernet in the garage.

Low cost is different for some but looking to spend less than $500. Any suggestions?


Raspberry pi with a usb dac or dac hat that has rca out, and run ropieee.org on it you can fiNd the how to on the ropieee site that Nathan did and get some clues in that on building it.

Thanks, I’ll take a look. I have very little knowledge of Raspberry pi products, but it looks like I can get preconfigured bundles from Hifiberry.

BlueSound Node 2i is what I use in the garage with WiFi connection. No muss, no fuss. My speakers are in the ceiling, so I use a NAD CI980 to drive the 3 stereo pairs.

I use old phones as wireless endpoints


Me too - had a couple of family’s old iPhone 6’s sitting around. With a $11 “camera usb adaptor” (for an external DAC, but a 3.5mm analog output might be just fine for the garage :slight_smile: ) and Roon app beats my Auralic Aries Mini hands down, sound quality wise.

Elac Discovery Z3 on sale, bought one for $350 for my exercise room and I am happy. Roon ready btw.

Thanks for the suggestions, I do have other Bluesound products in the house and I wasn’t thinking of replacing the powered speakers but it may be just as cost effective.

With a Node 2i, you can run analog RCA out directly to your powered speakers. You can control volume either through BluOS app or Roon app.

Rpi4 with Ropieee connected by usb a/b to a Pro Ject Pre Box S2 and you’ll have MQA unfold as well for Tidal.