Endpoint disappears and revives

My USB DAC disappears (music stops playing and I get the ‘select source’ message) and revives after about 10 seconds or so. I’ve been playing all day and it’s happened 3 times. Using standard Ropieee 3.113

Ok. I hadn’t used a USB device directly connected . . . now edited.
I have an amp that was playing then just disconnected. It was marked as unavailable and I had to rescan to connect to it.

Woo Audio WA7 usb → laptop running roonbridge.
physically connected networking.

I’m going to find some logs now.

@spockfish just dropped and revived on its own accord. Feedback sent 07a69c56c679a43b

The logs show massive dropouts and an earlier error in the networking part.
As dropouts usually point to network issues I would suggest you search in that direction.


OK thanks.

Hey @Daren_Peacock

It looks like spockfish has put you on the right path here and has determined that this is a network issue that you need to address.

Have you had a chance to look into that yet and try an ethernet connection for your Pi?

@jamie I’m only able to use a Powerline adapter, which I shall test.