EndPoint for Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90/50 Active speakers


I would like to connect an Roon EndPoint to the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90/50 speakers

I really like the design of the microRendu, it’s small and we can than hide it in the connection panel of the speaker.
The BeoLab 90/50 speakers have an build in USB-DAC, do you think this will work?

For our other speakers we’ve got other connections options like (RCA/TOSLINK) which device could you recommend as an Roon Endpoint for these speakers?

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You’ve likely already decided, given this was a long time ago, but the BL90s and BL50s work fine with the microRendu. You have to make sure that you turn off the DSD support (since they can’t decode DSD), and you have to be careful about the volume control (whatever you do, don’t set it to 100%, because you will knock down your house), but otherwise…works fine.

What’d be better, given the network connectivity of the BL90/BL50s, would be a built-in ROON endpoint. Not there, though…