Endpoint grouping capability

I have a sonic transporter with the Roon core and an Oppo UDP 4K 205 in my main listening room. ( x2 Linn 5125 power amps and Monitor Audio GR bi-amped speakers) Elsewhere I use Roon bridge on a MacBook pro to play synchronously via a Topping D10s dac through a Monitor Audio powered speaker. I cant group the speaker, which is Airplay, with the Oppo. I would like to have an endpoint not dependent upon the MacBook; I move the laptop around the house. Would a Raspberry Pi do the trick? It has a dac but would that be better than the Topping? The essential feature must be that the oppo and the pi would group in Roon.

Something seems not right, since you have…

…which should be groupable, so adjust your “Settings” “Audio” - see article in the knowledge base.

Yes, it would.

Yes, and as I’ve tried it with RPi 3B+ and 4B, the onboard codec is usable with DietPi, but not with Ropieee, as your operating system - can’t comment on other OS’s, since I’ve no experience with them.

I seriously doubt that, but that’s up to you to decide.
You’ve also got the option to install a RPi DAC add-on board, of which there are many options at a quite wide price range.

Box ticked.

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Thanks for advice. I have set up a Rasp pi 4b in a Neo case outputting to the Topping D10s dac. Assembly was easy and the Ropiee Roon bridge loaded first time; wifi no problem …great result…grouping no problem. This is much less hassle than tying up my computer.