Endpoint + Playback troubles

I power cycled the NUC. I was then able to connect the rock to my sinology was drive. Although it took me a few tries to figure out what exactly rock wanted for a destination and how to get out of that screen. The rock is now building a database. I gave up on trying to restore from backup. I expect it will take two days to add all of my files and several more days to completely finish the database.

I now have at least two problems. I had four roon audio devices: an auralic aries (hardwired), an oppo udp 203 (hardwired), two squeezebox touches (wifi), and my iPad. The rock shows the oppo udp 203 as networked, but shows the aries as airplay accessible. Also, the oppo is shown as uncertified, something that was not displayed on the roon on the iMac.

Finally the music has stopped playing twice while I have typed this.

Hi @Robert_Lesser ----- Thank you for touching base and sharing these observations you have made with us. Sorry to hear of the troubles. I have moved your latest post over to a separate support thread so we can address this behavior with your endpoints with you directly.

A few things moving forward…

“…but shows the aries as airplay accessible”

  • Can you please confirm for me that in the lightning ds app Roon is set to “ON”.

“…Finally the music has stopped playing twice while I have typed this.”

  • I know you had mentioned Roon is currently indexing your database, were these stops experienced while Roon was doing audio analysis in the background? If the application is still analyzing your library I would recommend stopping this process during your listening sessions and then letting it run over night when the system is not in use.

“…the oppo is shown as uncertified”

  • The UDP 203 is definitely a certified Roon ready device. I have placed a feedback request with our techs to see what could be causing this device to show up as “uncertified” on your system.

  • Just verify, you are running the latest version of ROCK, correct? Everything is up to date?