Engineered eRed Mod - Roon Ready Certificate

My Problem lies with the Roon Ready certificate.

I have an EngineeRed eRed Mod, an oem streaming module that is sold to the open public. (eRED-MOD Audio Renderer module - Engineered Electronics)

This module is shown in Roon as uncertified.

The manufactures states the following:

Roon Ready certification for audio devices only applies to final products and cannot apply to OEM components such as the eRED-MOD.
With this in mind, our interface can be used within a product that is compatible with the Roon ecosystem.

Now, this exact module is used in different streamers from different brands proving, that it works.

Why does Roon prevent a perfectly fine working product from being used by their own customers?

As far as I know, the manufacturer of this OEM product (EngineeRed) tried to bring the Roon Ready certificate to all of their customers, but Roon did not allow this.
This is very difficult to understand. Roon should work for their paying customers and not against them.

How is this different from, let’s say, a Raspberry Pi? They don’t come in enclosures or with software, ut Roon did not prevent certification.

I’m very disappointed on how customers are forced to buy final products instead of making the world a more user friendly world.

What has to be done, in order to get the certification? If I show you my enclosure of the module, will you grant the usage?

I wouldn’t say anything, if this thing was not so widely used and is known to work. But in this case…

Although I did argue with a tad too much emotion here, I really hope Roon reconsiders, on their certification policy, as this is surely keeping lots of customers away.

With friendly regard,

A stand-alone Pi is not “Roon Ready.” A Pi system image like Ropieee may incorporate RoonBridge, which offers a subset of the features of Roon Ready systems. Any individual consumer can install RoonBridge on compatible hardware/operating system. But Roon Ready certification goes well beyond that as Roon execs have often explained here.

Roon Ready certification encompasses not only the streaming module, but also how it is integrated / behaves in the product as a whole.

Are there any other certificates besides the ready and tested, that could apply?

No it’s protecting their ip. Certification is to ensure Roon runs 100% as it should and provides the best Roon experience. It’s not about the module itself but how it works and interacts in the entire product, which you don’t have. Each manufacturer has to acquire certification for each product they make regardless if it has the same streaming component inside. Just because said products may include this card does not make them pass certification, Roon have said no one passes first time they submit a lot more to it than an oem card. Just because they sell it to non industry clients doesn’t mean this process is avoided. If you want home built use a pi and bridge that’s what it’s for.

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