Engineering experiences: the new future of streaming music

“…the basis of competition has shifted from content, price and curation to the engineering of compelling experiences that harness the unique and interconnected affordances of platformisation.”

Plarformisation? Surely that’s spelled with a “z”. :rofl:

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Not in the UK it’s not. :sunglasses:


Either way, the word is an affront to my sensibilities.


Hey, when you’ve already uttered the phrase, “interconnected affordances”, what’s left to lose?

It was the straw that broke this camel’s back…

Seriously, I think this paper outlines where true competition for Roon is going to come from. Typically, industry leaders are dethroned by competitors which sell a less product, gain market share, then climb the ladder of functionality and quality to outsell established companies.

I agree that the paper is interesting, and raises interesting points for discussion, but the language is typically of the form that makes my eyes roll.

I couldn’t get past the 2nd paragraph before my eyes glazed over and I went in Homer Simpson modeand was easily distracted away. Hmmmm Chocolate.

After yesterday’s keynote, I’d say it’s pretty clear Apple’s integration of everything (and that this’ll inevitably happen with Google/Nest and Amazon) is where things are headed.

What compelling argument does Roon have to make users switch out of the personal assistant ? How is that a better experience for the user ?

Well, in my experience Siri is damn near useless. Sometimes she works, sometimes she fails. It’s so hit or miss that I just use my fingers. Plus these AI’s need to be able to string several phrases together and use those to refine.

Example: I’m in my car driving 10 hours to my mother’s

Me: Find Chopotle restaurants along my route

Siri: There are 10 restaurants within 10 miles of your route

Me: Which one has the highest yelp review?

Siri: The one in East Borkville is best

Me: Add a stop on my route to this restaurant

Siri: Added

This is so far above the current capabilities that Siri is basically useless to me now.

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