Enhanced backup schedule options

Like many roon users I want to use a scheduled backup of the roon database to a NAS array. However to avoid this happening while someone might be using roon I want to schedule it in the middle of the night. To save power and reduce noise my NAS is set to spin down the disks after a period of inactivity, so it is likely that at the time of the scheduled backup the disks aren’t spinning so the network share isn’t immediately available and the roon backupo fails. This has been discussed in this thread: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/scheduled-backup-to-nas-fails/66968

It would be useful therefore if roon had some more flexibility/configuration options which would trigger a ‘sleeping’ NAS to wake up before attempting to perform the backup. These could include:

  • Ability to set absolute rather than relative backup times, eg “Every Sunday at…” or “On XXth day of the month at…”
  • Ability to set more precise backup up times, eg 4:05 AM (this would allow multiple backups to be scheduled 5 minutes apart, the first one would fail but wake up the NAS ready for the second one)
  • Ability to configure how many attempts the backup makes before deciding it has failed
  • Ability to configure how long after a failed backup it will next make an attempt
  • Ability to send a Wake on LAN request before backup starts