Enhanced Heuristics

Recently, it was explained to me that Roon gets its meta-data from the same industry supplier that Allmusic.com uses.

I don’t know what criteria Roon uses to determine its selections for ‘Focus on Similar’, but it looks like the Allmusic’s ‘Genre’ and maybe ‘Styles’.

Allmusic has additional categories for grouping music, i.e. ‘Album Themes’ and 'Album Moods" which I don’t find in Roon. I am asking that this enhancement be considered as it would be another, perhaps better, criteria for selecting music.

I find that sometimes Roon is overly broad in its Focus recommendations, e.g. selections that are ‘Pop/Rock’ or ‘Jazz’, and sometimes just plain wrong. This is probably the fault of the meta-data supplier, but additional selection criteria would alleviate this.

To prevent the waters from further muddying these new category selections should be separate or be able to be selected out from the current ‘Focus on Similar’ process.

Thanks for your consideration of this.


+1. Is most music at Allmusic tagged by mood or theme, or is it too spotty to be useful?

I think the meta-data supplier is doing the categories, not Allmusic. Haven’t looked at ‘most’ music on site, but I’d have to believe that this is in all detailed reviews.

Pulling in “Album Moods” and “Album Themes" from allmusic.com to Roon’s database would be a fantastic enhancement, particularly for searching for a particular music style. And/or a tie in with rateyourmusic.com “Descriptors” would be pretty cool for the same reasons.

Agreed. I would think Roon would jump on this since their charter is new ways to discover one’s music. Really, most of the time one chooses one’s listening based on mood/themes.


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